Algonquin College - Canada

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Algonquin College is one of Canada's largest colleges. Located in the capital, Ottawa, Algonquin offers diplomas, degrees, and post-graduate certificate programs which focus on your career. as well as, English as a Second Language Programs which are available year round.


ESL Program Start and End Dates for 2009

January 5 to February 27

March 2 to April 24

May 4 to June 26

June 29 to August 21

August 31 to October 23

October 26 – December 18


  • The Language Institute offers 8 levels of full-time instruction (20 hours per week).
  • Great program for International students who wish to improve their English language communication skills and/or prepare for college or university entrance
  • Friendly, caring instructors provide a supportive environment for learning. All our professors are highly trained with undergraduate degrees and TESL certification.
  • The program consists of classroom instruction, and independent study.
  • Students have full access to the Multimedia Language Lab for independent and/or computer-assisted learning.
  • Students may choose to register in additional classes such as: TOEFL preparation, conversation classes, and business communication skills.
  • The number of students per class varies between 12 and 20. Right now, we have a total of 250 students in the program divided into 8 levels.

For one year, the cost for the program is of CDN$13,200. This includes tuition, fees and health insurance and access to the College’s facilities.

Add another $10,000 for living expenses for one year.

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Algonquin College - Canada
1385 Woodroffe
K2G 1V8 Ottawa, Ontario

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